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We turn houses into personal homes and design public spaces to fit seamlessly to the desired experience

We focus on high-concept interiors and space planning, with a portfolio which extends from private residential properties, through to commercial projects such as, hotels, bars & restaurants.

Myo -Services
Myo -Services

Residential design

We have a wealth of experience in developing, adapting and refurbishing residential properties and can deliver modern and functional interior design solutions that are both sympathetic to an environment and to your needs/aspirations. With a creative design team striving to understand the end users needs and requirements, we can utilise our extensive product archive and experienced design abilities to achieve any desired environment.

Commercial design

We have interior design experience throughout varied commercial spaces, hotels, bars, restaurants, office spaces and private leisure suites. We are able to bring our unique design perspective to any commercial environment. With a vast knowledge of project styling, clients more than often ask us to be involved in overseeing the creative styling direction from a commercial sense, whether it be shop window dressing, staff uniforms, corporate identity, restaurant menus and other aspects of media based literature, this allows us to enhance the corporate image for the proposed environment to work seamlessly and effectively.

Furniture design

We understand your desire for something that makes a statement about you and your living space. Why? Because we feel exactly the same. We have the expertise to design and manufacture bespoke items of furniture or products to suit your requirements, combining creative flair with commercial sense. Our expertise brings together the traditional skills and artistry of carpentry with modern style, materials and finishes. Our understanding of the scale and proportions of classic design enable us to create furniture that has a timeless quality and which suits any style or period of room.

Myo -Services
Myo -Services

Lighting design

We provide a lighting design service, providing overall lighting design schemes, lighting plans, lighting circuit plans, specification & supply service to private and commercial clients. Selecting the right light fittings, positioning the lighting to best effect, correctly specifying the their control gear, specifying energy efficient lighting that enhances spaces rather than ‘depressing you with the poor light output’, being able to control the lighting effectively along with providing good value, are the skills we bring to every project.

Furnishing consultant

Our comprehensive design services ensure that all of your requirements are met. We have a wealth of experience in residential and commercial interior design. Our specialised research teams are on hand to source all your interior aspects such as furniture, fabrics, flooring, bathrooms, wall coverings, and lighting from all over the globe. Our skills lie in customising furniture to fit a specific space and fulfil a designated function, and in this way they are able to maximise every available centimetre as well as work in around irregular shapes and awkward features.

Myo -Services

Automated intelligent environments

With Myo & AH Partnership + you can create automated intelligent environments you’ll enjoy coming home to. We design and build bespoke smart home systems in-house, so that lighting, heating, blinds, entertainment systems and security can all be precisely controlled at the touch of a button.

Myo -Services


Create the perfect home cinema environment with cutting-edge technology, integrated hidden wiring and flexible control systems, in a dedicated cinema room or throughout the home. Create a multimedia network linking the internet, email, TV, Hi-fi, DVD player and telephone throughout the home, via a central communications cabinet.


Create subtle moods, dramatic atmospheres, focal highlights or energy saving devices through a user friendly interface. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, birthday party or watching a football match, setting the interior and exterior environment for the entire home can be as easy as pressing a single button.


Allow music from several sources in different rooms simultaneously, or for the same music to be played throughout the house or garden.

Myo -Services


Create a combination of video door entry, perimeter security lighting, remote access, and notification of alarms via text or email. Systems can also be developed that automatically contact the emergency services, shut down the gas and ventilation system, turn on a lighting path for your escape, and automatically phone the fire service.