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Myo, a brand which today best represents luxury interiors

Simplicity and refined materials create a timeless home, a wellness area, to entertain and to be entertained, this is the Myo philosophy.

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Based in Liverpool, our creative team of interior designers and skilled craftsmen will guide you round our stunning studio and workshop to help you create the perfect living or working environment. Our bespoke design studio, showcases an outstanding tribute to quality interior design and integrated technology.

We offer interior design solutions for residential and commercial projects with fixtures and fittings from a whole spectrum of luxe designers from around the globe. In addition to the technological advances in intelligent building control the possibilities are truly endless. Our designers combine creative flair with commercial sense. We understand how to configure functionality and desirable environments to add genuine value.

Making people happy, that’s what motivates us

Our highly experienced team at Myo - led by Creative Director Phil May - is driven by our passion for creating a harmonious experience. We work collaboratively with each client to ensure every inch of a space is permeated with their personality and culminates in a vivid expression of their ideas.

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Timeless, trend-transforming designs

Our team are recognised for delivering timeless, trend-transforming designs with a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics, a distinctive personality, and meticulous attention to detail. Myo is also distinguished by an invaluable background in construction which we lend to a diverse range of projects including private houses, apartments, hotels, offices, bars, and restaurants.

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Customised interior elements

On each project, Myo works closely with our in-house specialist joinery workshop, who manufacture and install customised interior elements to help create a concept in to reality. Myo can be responsible for everything strcutural along with everything freestanding and movable within a property.

The exclusive bespoke product line of Myo for dining, living and outdoors – offers authentic signature pieces that embody the design philosophy and essence of our company: functional, comfortable and timeless design.


Or partnership with expert joinery design studio SJS Liverpool brings together the traditional skills and artistry of carpentry with modern style, materials and finishes.

Projects range from kitchens and studies in new-build, city centre apartments to bedrooms and bathrooms in large, traditional family homes. Our skills lie in customising furniture to fit a specific space and fulfil a designated function, and in this way they are able to maximise every available centimetre as well as work in around irregular shapes and awkward features.

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Specialist fixtures and details include self-closing drawers, smooth concealed runners, recessed and integral door handles as well as wall mounted ‘floating’ units and invisible support shelving.


Surface finishes can be customised either to blend with existing wall colours and surfaces so that they are almost imperceptible or finished in contrasting coloured lacquers, fabrics or unusual, grained wood veneers that make them an eye-catching feature of the room.


Contemporary furniture from exquisite materials by artisan makers for ultimate durability and comfort.


Create the sofa/chair of your dreams with ‘Made For You’, the bespoke upholstery service from Myo that allows you to select a sofa or armchair style and have it covered in the fabric of your choice.